SFUSD Algebra 1 re-take Statistics

I stumbled across some criticism of SFUSD’s de-tracking evangelism from a parent group in this post (link 17):
This led me down a rabbit hole to see whether there was any legitimacy to the criticism. I found out that there was.
SFUSD made some changes to de-track in 2015. They then saw that the number of students who had to retake Algebra 1 dropped from 40% to 8%. They advertised these stats a bunch (even Jo Boaler got in on the action )
Then, a group called Families of San Francisco is pushing back against them for misrepresenting the data. See Inequity in Numbers
It turns out that the same year, the criteria for which students had to retake the course changed. Prior, they had to take a state assessment and were forced to retake the course if they failed the assessment. Now they just have to pass the course.
Here’s someone presenting the data with the caveat around 26min in at NCTM 2020. The slide speaker notes say “we saw as a one time major drop due to the blocking of students due to grades and state exam.”
Overall, I agree with their goals - de-tracking, reducing the scope of the curriculum to allow for depth, emphasizing AP stats as an option rather than just AP calc. But I do think this presentation of the data is very misleading and in my mind it undermines their credibility.
I think there is a positive story here, namely that a lot fewer students had to go through the misery of re-taking algebra 1, and it seems like nothing bad happened. SBAC scores seem to have stayed the same. In my book, that's a win! It would be interesting to have SFUSD provide any other independent measures of the quality of math education students receive (college admissions, AP score statistics) to further back up this claim.